Successfully diverting more than

0 lbs

of food waste per month

from Ontario`s landfills.

Our food waste green bin collection service is a flexible, clean, and cost-effective way of responsibly dealing with food waste. You place acceptable unpackaged food waste directly into our bins and we pick up the bins at a regularly scheduled interval (and you only pay for the bins we pick up).

Your staff simply puts acceptable food waste directly into the bins we provide.

The full bins are exchanged every visit and replaced
with fresh, clean bins every time.

Bartels Environmental diverts collected food waste from landfill to anaerobic digestion (AD) providers to produce biogas.

Biogas is a flexible energy source used to operate a co-generation unit to produce electricity or renewable natural gas.

Distributed back to farmers as an organic, natural soil amendment, digestate is an AD byproduct that is high in nutrient value promoting crop growth and production, and eliminating the need for synthetic fertilizers.

The Government of Ontario is looking to change.

“to recover and recycle materials back into our economy rather than sending them to landfills… helping us to better protect our communities and keep our air, land and water clean and healthy.”

Source: Made In Ontario Environment Plan, P 39, Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks