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Biosolids Management | Lagoon Cleanout
Incinerators, Digesters & More Cleaning Services

Biosolids Management

Bartels Environmental can provide you with turnkey solutions for your biosolids project from beginning to end, which increases efficiency and is more cost effective. We are capable of handling the project from soil sampling, including certificate approval, to hauling and finishing the project through land application.


With our fleet of highly specialized vehicles, we have the equipment
to haul biosolids wherever it needs to be. Our tankers hold 41-42 cubic metres (9100 gallons).

Land Applying

We have the capabilities of doing land application either through injector or dragline spreading. We are equipped with a 45 cubic metre (12000 gallons) tractor-drawn quad train for injector spreading with 30.5x32 floatation tires.

In addition to our injector spreading capability, we offer dragline spreading as well.


Lagoon Cleanout

Bartels Environment can clean out sediment and biosolids from a lagoon or pond. After cleanout, hauling and land applying services are also available.

Incinerators, Digesters & More Cleaning Services

Our cleaning applications include the cleaning of incinerators, digesters, grit chambers, pumping stations and wet wells.