Partnering with municipalities and farmers to facilitate safe and beneficial production, transportation and reuse of digestate through land application, diverting this resource from landfill, and reducing the need for commercial, synthetic fertilizers.

Successfully moved more than


of digestate in 2019.

Liquid and dewatered digestate management from start to finish:

Feedstock acquisition
site sourcing
Transportation & haulage
Land application
facility maintenance
product dewatering

Digestate is the residual material from a process of breaking down biodegradable material during anaerobic digestion. As microbes break down organic materials they create biogas, and leave behind digestate- the residuals that the microbes can’t use.

These materials have a variety of uses, but are mainly utilized for fertilization and soil conditioning.

Land Application of Digestate - the Benefits

Land Application of Digestate - the Benefits

Land Application of Digestate - the Benefits

Quality Product:

Beneficial reuse programs depend upon quality control by the generator; extensive treatment processes, strict standards, and quality controls are in place aimed to stabilize organic matter, reduce disease-causing organisms and ensure the safety of biosolids application.

Classified as Non-Agricultural Source Material (NASM), biosolids are highly regulated, including the Nutrient Management Act / Ontario Regulation 267/03. Application done in accordance with Nutrient Management Act (NMA). https://www.ontario.ca/laws/statute/02n04

BESI certified NASM Plan developers hold valid NASM Plan Development Certificates issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA).

Our team is focused on providing the very best nutrient management plan for each farmer to maximize yield, while maintaining crucial land application practices to ensure environmental safety. They work closely with OMAFRA to develop and maintain a NASM plan for each farmer considering soil requirements, timing, rates of application, setback distances, etc.

BESI utilizes the latest technology to provide the best testing, application and reporting; land application is conducted with the use of innovative vertical tillage, draglines, quad trains, low impact tractors, etc.

experience + equipment = superior results

Digestate - proven in organics

“Feed the soil, not the plant,” is a mantra of organic farmers. Organic farmers focus on creating fertile soil that is rich in organic matter and teeming with life. Plants take up nutrients from organic matter as it decomposes. The goal is to have to nutrients made available at the rate and time when needed by the plants. “Soil fertility is maintained and enhanced by promoting optimal biological activity within the soil and conservation of soil resources.”



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